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Facebook Messenger Chatbots API supported by Cloudagent

Chatbots are great. But they are not perfect. Chatbots have been glorified as the next coming of customer service. And why not. The thought of humans interacting with AI to get things done is sexy. Only problem is that level of tech, especially in AI, is not up there yet. I have no doubt we will get there soon. But we are not there yet. So when Facebook announced their send/receive API at their F8 conference we at Ozonetel knew we had to integrate it with our cloud contact center solution, Cloudagent . Luckily, our system is very loosely coupled with clear interfaces and we were able to get the integration done in a couple of days(our engineers are not too happy as they had to pull an all nighter :)) So, when your chatbots get stuck and are not able to answer your customer queries, connect your FB messenger with Cloudagent and provide help from real agents . It works almost like a live web chat system, but over FB messenger and all the regular features like routing to agents,

Startup Story

Every startup has an origin story. As the story grows, the origin story changes for PR accordingly,but the basic formula is that 2-3 founders start in garage/room and make it big etc. And it is important that your startup has a story,because stories sell. You will read similar stories about Ozonetel in PR. About how we planned to change the face of business communication etc. We will leave those stories to PR. In this blog, we will deal with the truth. I had been associated with CSN since 2004-2005(thats another story). So in 2007, when CSN and Atul started Ozonetel they asked me if I wanted to be part of the startup. And since I knew both of them and trusted them, I said ok. At that time, we had no concrete idea on what to do. We had a couple of ideas. We knew we wanted to do something in the telecom space. We knew we wanted to build for the SMEs and we knew we wanted to do it in India and "make" in India. So before KooKoo was born, the following were the products we buil

Little know facts about Ozonetel

In this startup ecosystem, the people with the money generally can influence a narrative. So sometimes, we have to use our own publishing space to talk about ourselves :) So this post is about that. It just reinforces some lesser known but important facts about Ozonetel. Fact 1: Ozonetel is the company which first introduced cloud telephony to India. This fact is easily provable, thanks to the Internet web archive :) Fact 2: First to cross a billion calls in cloud telephony in India Fact 3: One of the very few companies in India which has an open API. Though documentation can be improved a lot, at least the API is open to the public. You can sign up today at and start building Fact 4: Though we bootstrapped to startup , over the course of our journey, we have raised more than a million dollars of angel money. Mainly from families, friends and customers. Fact 5: One of the few companies which have crossed $4 million in ARR with just Indian cust