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Call Analytics

It has always been the goal of KooKoo to marry the web world with the telecom world. If you look at the web world, there are a host of services which analyze user behavior on websites and this helps in user retention, reducing bounce rates etc. But the same is lacking in the telecom world. Wouldn't it be great if we could just use the web analytic engines and apply them to the telecom domain. That's exactly what we plan to do in this blog post. We will show you how you can link your KooKoo code with Mixpanel so that you can do call analytics using Mixpanel . For our example, lets take a simple scenario. Let's say we are a deals site and we are providing deals on phone. Every day we offer 2 deals and we want to track. If the customers choose a deal, they can either buy directly or talk to an agent. The code for this in KooKoo can be found at ( Initial Code ) As you can see, this is plain vanilla KooKoo code which asks the user to select a deal and processes the