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Why Amazon Connect May Fail

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Amazon has launched its cloud call center offering, Amazon Connect. Since we have been in the cloud call center space for the last 8 years, here are a few of my thoughts on why Amazon Connect will most probably fail in its current avatar. 1. Support: Call center products thrive on support. Call center solutions are real time products. What happens when you get one way audio? What happens if your calls are not going through? What happens when your number is not reachable? What happens when your agents are not able to login? Sure hope you have a number to reach out to. Email support does not cut it. But this goes against the AWS principles as AWS support is mostly through email. 2. Positioning: The current positioning of Connect is confusing to say the least. Its setup is similar to AWS instance setup which is generally done by technical people. Technical people prefer Twilio for their call center. Its feature set is limited a