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IVR for Group buying and Deals sites using KooKoo

Using KooKoo, group buying sites can build simple telephony applications opening up another channel to reach their customers. We can have an application which does the following: 1. When users call, if it is a first time caller, ask the user to select his preferences and link his phone number on the website (which is anyway being done in most group buying websites) 2. The next time the user calls, fetch his preferences from the database and play back the deal to him in his preferred language. 3. If necessary, you can connect the caller to the business directly or process payment over the IVR system . The advantages with this approach are: 1. No more spam as callers call to know the deals 2. Play back the deals in multiple languages. 3. Reach more customers. This can be achieved in 10 lines of code as shown below. <?php require_once('response.php');// this is kookoo library. You can download it from KooKoo website. $r= new Response(); if($_REQUEST['e

Build a virtual receptionist for your business in 30 lines of code using KooKoo

You have just started up a new venture and things are looking good. You have been able to get a good domain name and you have established your presence in the web world. But what about the telecom world. How are people able to reach you. You would have published your mobile number on the website. But this leads to a lot of problems as people tend to call you at odd hours and you would lose all your privacy. Also you may not be able to attend a call at all times and you may lose business. To solve this and other problems why don't you build a virtual receptionist using KooKoo . Just follow the steps to get a virtual receptionist: 1. Register for KooKoo 2. Upgrade your account to get a phone number. Plans start as low as Rs.500/month. You can also use the development number of KooKoo with a pin to get free access. 3. Download the code from here 4. Host the code on your web server. 5. Login to KooKoo and update your application URL to point to vr.php Thats it. Now you have