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Launching KOOKOO Number Mask API

Well, it's finally here. The number masking API. To be fair, KOOKOO has supported number masking since when we launched the <dial> tag and already a lot of our customers use our number masking services. But this launch makes it easier for new developers to use the virtual number services. Instead of building a full KOOKOO app and hosting it, you can just call the API. Flickr What is it? Number mask API allows you to create conversation sessions between your customers and your mobile workforce without revealing their personal phone numbers. Create virtual phone numbers instantly with this API. Who can use this? Any business which needs to protect the privacy of its customers and it's employees will find this API useful. For example, ride hailing services a-la Uber, Ola etc can use this API to create virtual number sessions per ride. Delivery services like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy etc can use this API to create virtual numbers on demand per delivery. How can