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Tools used for monitoring KooKoo

When you are managing 100s of physical servers across 12 data centers across the country and when developers are hitting your API more than 20 million times  in a day, you will need tools to help you out. We use a lot of tools to monitor KooKoo and Cloudagent  and the following is a list of some of the tools we use. Hope others will find the list helpful in their own monitoring needs. These are very common tools and nothing extraordinary, but they get the job done :) 1. Nagios : The most important tool. We have created more than 20 custom plugins to monitor our custom telephony infrastructure. 2. Munin : Has been invaluable in helping us identify resource usage especially when some rouge processes started hogging up the resources. 3. Snort : Has been responsible for identifying attacks in our networks. 4. Monit : Monitors all our main processes and brings them up automatically when they go down. 5. Linux commands: top, htop, ntop, ps, iostat, pmap, netstat, wireshark, ngr