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Ozonetel's Cloudagent Integrates with Kreato CRM

Improved Functionality & Comprehensive Solution for Exemplary Customer Performance! 

Having a full view of the customer is important to customer lifecycle management and hence the overall customer experience. And, one of the big places to look for enhancing visibility into all things customer related is obviously tight integration with various capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

On this score, Kreato and Ozonetel have partnered together to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their customer communication online and offline. Ozonetel's cloud contact center, CloudAgent is deeply integrated with the core Kreato products so that the calls can be handled intelligently and efficiently by the call center agents. The integration provides businesses with a cost-effective, enhanced customer management solution.

Improves Functionality & Efficiency of Your Contact Center 

The cloud piece of this is a major attraction. With more and more companies moving to the cloud for plug and play solutions that can work without installing any software or hardware, this type of integration in many instances is becoming a necessity.

Ozonetel’s CloudAgent  integration(CTI integration) with Kreato CRM provides what is characterized as “an immediate, market-ready solution at a fraction of the cost of other providers.” The joint solution is aimed at contact centers as the additional functionality provides a unified view of distributed contact centers across cities or countries with simple integration points and little overhead. This is designed to both increase productivity and cut costs.

An end-to-end Integration for Improved Customer Engagement “Communication is paramount for businesses across support, sales and engagement divisions. It is imperative to have seamless and non-intrusive access to communication tools for business productivity. The integration of Cloudagent with Kreato CRM is a step in that direction. Now businesses can perform all their communication activities from within the Kreato CRM in a non intrusive way

The solution covers a lot of important capabilities as it provides an integrated way for handling incoming and outbound telephony calls. On the inbound side of things, contact center agents have the tools to view important customer information in real time as the calls come in. For outbound activities, it gives sales people click-to-call from within the CRM system. This is being promoted as a productivity enhancement gains and a simplified workflow so sales can maintain accurate prospecting data.

A sample workflow:

About Kreato CRM & Ozonetel 
KreatoCRM is determined to bring a revolution in the SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) segment:  to change and improve – the way these businesses manage their customer relationships; the way they manage their customer life-cycle activities. Their mission is to Deliver a cloud based CRM Software characterized by comprehensive functionality, highly flexible architecture, absolute security, affordable pricing and supported by ecosystem comprised of compatible technology platforms, supportive service providers and community of trained CRM professionals. For more, visit

Ozonetel, a Telco grade CaaS (Communication as a Service) platform on the cloud enables its customers to continuously engage with their customers throughout the customer life cycle through Marketing, Sales, Support & Retention programs. Ozonetel is the only Telco grade multi-channel (voice, video, chat, sms) communication platform on the cloud in India. A business does not need to make investment in any on-site technology and in an IT team to manage and upgrade the communication piece. For more visit of follow on @OzonetelSystems A business can expand globally in minutes with Kreato CRM and Ozonetel.

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