Monday, March 28, 2011

Telephony Idea - Call to register using KooKoo

Use Case:
Customers can call to register with a website. Websites publish a phone number which users can call to register.

1.Publish phone number for the website.
2.When the customer calls the KooKoo number, KooKoo passes the caller id in the "cid" parameter.

3.Check if it is a first time caller. If yes, generate a random password and send it as an SMS to the user.
4.User can immediately login and change his settings like updating password, adding email id etc.

Automatic verification of users happens as they provide the phone number. 
Faster registration as users just make a call rather than going through captchas, registration forms etc

Obviously, as this is a new process there can be an unexpected loophole. This is just an idea and still has to be validated.

Who is it useful for:
Almost all eCommerce sites who need a registration for order tracking etc or for one time registrations, this might be a better option as it is faster.