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Apigee Hackathon-Couple of KooKoo apps developed

Last week, we were privileged to be associated with the Hackathon organized by Apigee in their offices in Bangalore.

It was a very well organized event and we had a lot of fun. The good part of the event was that Apigee asked the hackers to use at least one API developed by an Indian company. KooKoo, Redbus, Zomato, Cleartrip and Data Weave exposed their APIs and the developers used those APIs to build some innovative stuff for the weekend. This was a good way to promote local APIs and we are thankful for Apigee for providing us the opportunity.

After the event we reached out to a couple of developers and asked for their feedback. We are posting the responses below. Hope they go on and build more innovative stuff.

1. Febin John James

I find kookoo very simple to use.I am a student and i don't have much experience. But i could integrate kookoo with my app very easily. The time i worked to integrate KooKoo with my app is very very less compared to other API's.

My hack was SmartChat. SmartChat provides user a natural interface. Which makes the user love to use it. It is a intelligent system which can take input from the user in a natural way and perform tasks or return information which the user requires. Ex: I can ask the system "Call Jacob and say "Hi"". The smartchatsystem does the job. This provides a chat interface where the user can input the task he want to be completed or the information he need to know . As This is a web app it can be used anywhere . It can be an Ipad,PC,Smart-Phone,Phone,Tablet Anything.. The data is stored online and user need not worry about that too. The user can get service from multiple providers at one place

The SmartChat System Can Provide Following Functionalities 

                  All these are inputted by a natual language.
  •    Call people and say specific messages to them . Ex: "Call Jacob and say "Hi" .
  •    Store contacts into web service and acess them on any device Ex: "Contact of febin is 9986819581" .
  •    To Find Bus Trips from a source to destination and information about its locality,seats,depart timeor furtherly booking it up .Ex: " Trips from bangalore to hyderabad on 2013-03-06"
  •    Specific Information Price of Cars,Bikes etc in particular locality Ex: " Price For Car Maruti In Bangalore"
  •    Best Price For A particular book or device or anything  Ex: " Best Price For Nokia 5233"
  •    Alternative for a software platform or a webservice etc  Ex: " Alternative to PHP"

Follow me on Twitter @heyfebin

2. Ritwik Saikia

It was really easy and fast to develop in KooKoo. Even conceptually. Products with great possibilities can be developed.

My hack was 

on(Social}.{io} - Automate your social life.

It follows a very simple programming paradigm.

on(Social) . {

"on some social activity of mine, do some IO to the social network I own"

It is a scripting framework with all kind of social apis available (as part of the hack Kookoo, Zomato, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Location and Weather apis were available)
and one can write their requirements in just 10 lines of javascript recipe.
The framework takes cares of polling for users activities, executing the custom javascript recipe. It also provides a market place to share
recipes among your friends, and rate them / use them.

An example recipe would be 


    fire(function (values, result) {

        kookoo.sendSms("999xxxxxx1", "Hi buddy, I am at '" + result.address + "', come soon if near by.");


As simple as that. The hack is hosted in readonly mode at, you can take a look.

Follow me on Twitter @RitwikSaikia

We think both the hacks have a lot of potential and would love to help them out in the future as well.

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