Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking Cloud telephony main stream in India

When we first launched KooKoo at Unpluggd, there were no cloud telephony companies in India. We knew that it would be an uphill battle as we would have to almost create a market. But we believed in the potential as the business communication market was untapped in India. We believed that cloud telephony could close that gap by providing easy to use tools for businesses to build their own communication channels. But we knew that business communications cannot be uniform. Each business would have their own need. Some would need innovative ways of reaching their customers(like missed calls), some would need a PBX kind of systems for their offices and some would need full featured call centers. So we decided to do both a platform play as well as a product play to provide communication solutions to businesses.

We started off with a platform approach with KooKoo. We wanted to show the world what can be done. Innovation followed. Companies built new communication channels. Revenue started coming in. Very soon, KooKoo was powering the telephony channel for major companies. They were developing telephony applications with the same alacrity as developing web applications.


After the success of KooKoo, we decided to try our hand at a product play. We built two very specific business communication products, one for the PBX/EAPBX market and one for the call center market.

BizPhone pushed the PBX to the cloud. All the functionality of a PBX was now available for businesses on the cloud. They could visit the BizPhone website, sign up online, choose a phone number for their business and start receiving calls. BizPhone integrated email and became a unified communication product and was the first to introduce innovative communication tools like and Android app to provide caller detail pop ups, integration with Google analytics etc.

Cloudagent redefined what can be done with a call center on the cloud. This has truly replaced full fledged on premise call centers. Over 20 verticals have adopted Cloudagent and in some verticals it has even become a monopoly. Majority of food ordering, cab booking, online grocery shopping and bus ticket booking happens over  Cloudagent. Cloudagent has also become a standard for Ecommerce businesses to run their call center operations.

So, with this 3 pronged strategy, Ozonetel has been able to take cloud telephony main stream. More innovations are on the roadmap. Watch this space to be amazed :)

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