Monday, July 15, 2019

Provide WhatsApp support integrated with Zendesk

Ever since WhatsApp launched their business API last year, businesses have been waiting to enable the WhatsApp support channel. WhatsApp has slowly been rolling out API support to select businesses. Though most use cases have been around chat bots, there is a good use case for human agent support on the WhatsApp channel.

We at Ozonetel were one of the first companies which enabled agent support for the WhatsApp channel as soon as the business API released. You can read more about it at

Today we have improved the integration by connecting with Zendesk. So if you are serving your customers using Zendesk, you can easily enable WhatsApp channel for your customers. Your customers can chat with your agents directly on WhatsApp. We already have one of the best CTI integrations with Zendesk which you can install from the Zendesk marketplace,

The same app can now be used by your agents for communicating over WhatsApp.

You get a full contact center setup with this integration. The following are some of the features:

1. Screen pop: When a customers starts communicating on WhatsApp, the corresponding tickets of the customer will be popped up to the agent automatically. This will enable the agent to get the context and service the customer better.

2. Ticket integration: All your WhatsApp chats will be automatically stored as Zendesk tickets.

3. Chat routing: Our famous agent routing algorithm is applied to WhatsApp chats as well. Skill based routing, priority routing etc are applied to the chats so the customers reach the right agent at the right time. Connect your Telugu customers to your Telugu agents and your English customers to English agents. Chat in your local languages.

4. Bot integration: To top it all off, start the conversation with your chat bots and then if the bots are not able to answer the queries, transfer them seamlessly to the live agents.

Learn more about the integration here,

If you want to talk to our agents on WhatsApp, just click here contact us on WhatsApp