Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Startup Weekend - New Delhi -2011

Another Startup Weekend is here, this time in Delhi and as usual KooKoo,Ozonetel is proud to be associated with the event. I will be attending the event and will be around to help the participants to build stuff on KooKoo if needed.

Startup weekend has certainly come a long way in India and it is really pleasing to see the ecosystem slowly building up. Recognition to Startup Weekend and the teams participating in the event has certainly gone up with more and more partners joining the event. And this time, the prizes are just awesome. It makes me want to do another startup :).

For teams participating in the Delhi Startup Weekend, the following are a sampling of the prizes:
  1. KooKoo - 3 months free Silver egg plan.
  2. CPBX - 3 months free One India plan.
  3. Directi - Free domain and hosting for winning team
  4. Morpheus - Direct entry to a selected team to the new Morpheus batch.
And I am not even counting the prizes which will be revealed at the event. Suffice to say, that all the resources needed for a Startup(payment processing, communications, hosting, mailing, customer feedback etc) are all taken care of.

So all you need to have is an Idea. Come with your Idea, pitch it, form a team and build an MVP. After the weekend is over, if you plan on continuing with your idea, then your phone communications, hosting etc are already taken care of for the next 3 months. So you will have 3 months at the minimum to figure out if you are able to create traction for your idea without spending too much money. That, I think is a very good deal.

See you in Delhi.

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