Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KooKoo office hours

So finally, we have grown big enough to move to a new office space :)

We just finished moving and though the smell of paint is still there we thought it would be good to start KooKoo office hours. We constantly get a lot of queries on how to build on KooKoo and what can be built using KooKoo(Though I hate to admit it, the documentation can be improved). So we thought, if we have a fixed time, we can meet up with the developers and discuss things with them. Plus, a lot of people have already built cool applications on KooKoo and we thought it would be great to meet them.

So, starting from next week, every Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00 we will have KooKoo office hours. So what can you expect from the KooKoo office hours?

1. We will have KooKoo developers standing by to help you build your next big thing.
2. We will have talks on KooKoo best practices.
3. We can ideate and discuss what is possible with KooKoo.
4. You can give us suggestions on what features need to be added on KooKoo.
5. Or if all this gets boring, we can just chat and have fun. We should get a TT table and a PS3 pretty soon.

Hope to see you all in our office soon.

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