Friday, November 5, 2010

Phone use cases-Disrupt telecom

Wow! what a month. KooKoo was selected as a top 10 finalist in Unplggd event in Bangalore and we got to meet a lot of great startups at the event.During the course of discussions at the event it became clear that most startups were trying to create value in the online world. There were not many players in the telecom space.

One of the participants, Nikhil of Dialify actually put it quite nicely. He said, people knew only one "use case" of the telephone. And he is right. When we think of a telephone, we just think that we can use it only to call someone. Ever since the phone was invented thats pretty much the only reason we use a telephone.And that was a good enough reason for it to survive for so long. But now it is under attack from the Internet.

Since time immemorial voice and data have been at loggerheads with each other. Initially when telegram (data) was king, the telephone disrupted the market and it became king for a long time. The telephone was the preferred mode of communication for a long time.With the advent of the Internet and the world wide web, the balance has been tilting. Voice is losing and data is winning now.

Some new players in the market have been trying to change that and make the telephone a more important tool. The following players have identified creative means of using a telephone.

  1. Zipdial: Just give a missed call to vote. The user does not get charged.(On KooKoo)
  2. Dialify: Telephone based games. You do not need a smartphone or a computer to play games anymore.
  3. Voicetap: Connect to experts over phone
  4. Twittervoice: Make twitter your voice blog (On KooKoo)
  5. Voicebuzz: Leave voice updates on Facebook (On KooKoo)
And obviously we have the 140 and counting Twilio mashups.

These are just players who are already there in the market. A lot more smaller players are building creative applications using KooKoo and Twilio and other telephony platforms.

In the next posts I will cover one use case at a time and show example code on how to implement those use cases using the KooKoo platform.

Lets resurrect voice to its rightful place at the top :) . Lets build telephony apps.