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Ozonetel. Take 2, The Text Edition

Ever since we introduced cloud telephony to India in 2009, Ozonetel has always been known as the go to startup for cloud telephony requirements like cloud call centers and virtual numbers.

Voice has been our mainstay for a long time and it will continue to be so in the future too. But starting this month, we at Ozonetel have decided to have an increased focus on text based communication channels in addition to voice channels.

It's not that we did not support these channels earlier. We already supported, chat and some email functionality. But it has been in bits and pieces only. But starting this month text channels, including email, chat and social media will become First Class Citizens in our stack. They will get the same love that our voice channels get.


To achieve this we have planned several upgrades to our platform which will unfold over the coming weeks. Here is a sneak peak of what we are planning.

Built in Contact Manager:

This has been a long requested feature from a lot of our customers. With this all your customers who have a conversation with you become your contacts automatically. We will allow you to store arbitrary details regarding the contacts. Additionally all the contact conversations are linked and you will get an omnichannel view of the contact. 

So it does not matter if the customer spoke with you on a call or over WhatsApp or sent an email, all the conversations are automatically stored and a comprehensive view is provided to your agents.

This basically means that as along as you don't have advanced feature requirements needing a CRM or a support desk, you can just sign up with Cloudagent and start having conversations with your customers. You will automatically get contact storage, contact screen pop and other features. You can start with the contact manager and then when your requirements grow, you can use a CRM.

Omnichannel Support:

Bring all your conversations onto the Cloudagent platform. We now support calls, chats, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and email. Our system is flexible enough to work with your current setup. If you are already working with some chat or email provider we can work on top of it and provide all the agent functionality like agent tracking, skill routing, queues etc that are part of Cloudagent. Additionally you will get a single view of all your conversations across channels which will allow you to service your customers better. Your agents can become omnichannel agents handling calls, chats and social media all at once through our blended interface.

Voice bot widgets:

Enable voice channels everywhere. On your website, mobile apps and phone systems. Our write once deploy everywhere voice bots will work anywhere. Design your bot and deploy it in your app so your customers can start talking to the bot on your app. Use voice bots on the phone for collection requirements. Even the voice bot conversations get stored in contact manager.

WhatsApp contact center:

We recently launched our WhatsApp contact center product. The following are the details from our press release which we did recently.


Using this solution, any business can enable an efficient, responsive WhatsApp channel for their customers. They can automate replies, and manage simple queries with a WhatsApp bot, and smoothly handover complex conversations to live agents. It can potentially transform the customer experience with its approachable, efficient approach. 

Ozonetel’s comprehensive solution is equipped with all the advanced features that call centers require to efficiently manage their customer support. This includes skill routing, queue management, fallback, and fallback rules. Firstly, these features help to efficiently route and distribute WhatsApp conversations amongst agents in various departments. And secondly, they ensure prompt customer responses. 

Besides this, the solution tracks performance on 400+ parameters, giving managers invaluable insights into contact center performance, agent performance, efficiency, and training needs. This includes AI-powered text analytics reports for contact center supervisors. Its inbuilt AI uses industry-leading tools to understand conversations, which notably boosts efficiency.

Most importantly, businesses can opt for using Ozonetel’s conversational AI in the form of a WhatsApp Bot to greet customers and reply to most of their preliminary queries. Businesses can build a bot in minutes using Ozonetel’s Drag & Drop WhatsApp Bot designer. The Ozonetel Bot is multi-lingual and can handle all the major Indian languages. It uses CRM data to greet customers and answer their preliminary queries. Whenever queries become too complex for the bot to answer, it seamlessly hands over the conversation to a human agent. 

Finally, Ozonetel ensures that its WhatsApp solution can seamlessly integrate with almost any CRM solution that a business uses. For companies that may not have a CRM solution, Ozonetel provides a contact manager. WhatsApp conversations with customers get stored here against their name and other details.

From a customer’s point of view, not only does it allow them to contact businesses on a channel they love, but it also gives them flexible ways of sharing information. For example, customers can share images, voice messages, or locations via WhatsApp."

 Watch this space for more details as we start announcing more products in the text space.

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