Monday, February 27, 2017

Launching a cloud call center in the US

So finally we are taking the plunge. After serving only Indian customers ever since we started up, we are going offshore.
This month we have launched in the US with a new product,
For the US launch, we decided to come up with a new product instead of taking our current products to the new market. We made this decision mainly because our current products have been tuned to the Indian market conditions and many features will not make sense in the US market.
Since we wanted to do a new product, we went ahead and came out with a very cool new UI/UX. Will do a blog post later on how we came up with the design.

So why yet another cloud call center or cloud pbx? Isn't the market saturated?

We had these same questions. So we came up with some USPs to differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

  1. We decided to charge only for call minutes. We are the only cloud call center with zero agent rentals. Pay for only what you use. Sort of like the Twilio for call centers.
  2. We have started with an introductory plan of $19.9(unlimited agents). This makes it the most affordable call center in the market. Now even SMBs can use cloud call centers without worrying about huge bills.
  3. User on boarding is a delight. We wanted users to be able to sign up and start taking calls in 2 minutes. Thats what we have achieved. Sign up and take calls in 2 minutes(we have timed it :))
  4. Provide all tools for an SMB to manage business communication. So GetKookoo comes with a cloud call center, a live chat widget and a built in light CRM.
So if you are a business serving customers in the US, please go ahead and sign up. We have a Free 14 day trial.