Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Call Center Quality Assurance

Just like anything worth its salt, call center performance should also be measured. Every call center should have a quality assurance manager whose job is to ensure that the agents are sticking to the quality standards set up.

The QA manager will use a lot of tools like dashboards, live call barge in, scripts and feedback gathering through customer surveys.

Inspite of all this, the most important tool at the QA's disposal is the call recording. Though it is an "after the fact" quality checking tool, it is an indispensable tool to analyze the individual performance of an agent.

Its got only one problem.

The QA supervisor has to listen to all the call recordings of the agent one by one. It is too time consuming and practically not feasible. So QA supervisors do sampling. They randomly pick some call recordings and listen for some keywords and mark the recording as compliant or not. Though it serves the purpose, it is not perfect.

Enter Cloudagent QA. A simple add on to your Cloudagent cloud based contact center.

1. Just upload your script.
2. Identify the keywords to monitor and go have a coffee.

The tool, automatically listens to all the recordings and gives you a compliance report at the end of the day. As simple as that.

With this, you can now monitor your agent performance for every call.

This magic is brought to you by the innovative speech team at Ozonetel. The tool works behind the scenes and analyzes all the call recordings looking for the keyword signatures and marks the recordings as compliant or not. QA supervisors can use the report and sit with the call center staff and analyze problems and fix them. Speech analytics for the win.

This add on is now live and you can call your account manager to get this enabled or sign up to get a free demo.