Monday, November 28, 2016

Enabling payments over IVR to help cashless economy

Since cashless economy and demonetization has taken over the collective mindest of the nation I started thinking of what we can do to help. After all, we are also patriots :)
So since we are in the cloud telephony space, I thought of outlining a flow which can be adopted by wallet companies to enable payment by IVR. Complete payment on the phone using bank accounts is hard now because of the security restrictions and regulations created by the banks. Though theoretically its possible using UPI.
But for this blog lets look at wallet to wallet transfer.

Give a missed call to pay flow which will allow cash transfer:
  1. Share a 1-800 number for customers to give a missed call to.(or give a virtual DID to a business)
  2. When the customer gives a missed call, he gets a call back.
  3. IVR asks him to say/enter phone number of the business to pay to. (KooKoo has the capability to recognize 10 digit phone numbers in Hindi and English).
  4. IVR asks to enter the amount to pay.
  5. IVR asks the pin for security.
  6. Since KooKoo shares the IVR collected details like business phone number, customer phone number, amount and pin with your web application securely, you can take those details and perform the payment transfer easily.
This works for wallet to wallet payments.
This will work even when there is no Internet connection as the transaction is over the phone and is pretty easy as the customer just needs to call,enter amount and pin.
By using KooKoo, the same flow can also be applied for SMS based and USSD based transactions as well. Write code once and deploy on all channels.
If you need more details, please contact us and we ill be glad to help.
Code to get started on KooKoo.Just sign up for KooKoo and host the code below to provide IVR Wallet to your users.