Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Direct click to call from Zoho CRM

Adding telephony to your Zoho CRM
Today most of the manufacturing companies have a CRM in order to capture the basic customer information and manage the customer life cycle. As we move ahead, to enhance customer experience and make conversation seamless, it is necessary to integrate telephony solution with CRM.
Recently we integrated calling solution for a manufacturing company using Zoho CRM. 
A 40 yr old company primarily manufacturing fertilizer and other agri products. They have published a number where farmers as well as distributors can directly call  All the conversation are manually updated in the CRM.
  1. Lack of a telephony linkage with the CRM prevents the management from understanding what was the actual conversation which transpired between the Farmer & the agent. In the scenario that the agent changes historical records of the calls are lost along-with the context of the call.
  2. Lack of quality check of the calls being received – Since the information being disseminated over the call is very contextual related to the crops, whether which fertilizer to use or which disease to be controlled, its critical to give the right inputs.

Solution Offered – Company was using traditional landline for customer calling with no integration between the calling solution and the CRM. Ozonetel offered an integrated solution on the cloud linking up both these systems.
Key Benefits-
  1. Call directly from CRM-  With integrated cloud telephony solution, you can directly call via the CRM. By a simple click of the green button calls will be initiated.

  1. Call recoding – All calls get recorded, you can see call recording and detailed information.
  1. Call disposition details- After the call is over, you can write brief about call, which helps in customer follow up.
  2. Seamless communication -  In the window, you will the CRM as well as the Telephony solution, don’t have to toggle between different windows.
The solution is applicable to all manufacturing businesses wanting  to track customer conversation and have a quality conversation with the customers.
If you want to integrate communication solution with Zoho CRM, check at Zoho-website or Ozonetel-Website