Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Building a Story Bot in KooKoo

You can play with the StoryBot here

Ever since bots have arrived on KooKoo, I have been thinking of what cool bots should I build for a demo. There are already a lot of cool bots being built for some of the startups we work with, but they are all in stealth mode :)

So I went ahead and built a story bot on Facebook messenger using KooKoo. The stories from the wonderful people at Storyweaver. Since the stories have a creative commons license, I went ahead and used the stories. The design is pretty simple. Each story is in a directory and when a user sends a FB message, a random story is displayed to the user. The user can then interact and go to next pages or stop the conversation and start a new story.

The idea is to make this an interactive story bot which encourages kids and parents to read together with questions and answers about the story etc. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

You can download the code here at Github and build your own StoryBot once you sign up at KooKoo