Monday, May 23, 2016

The bots are coming to KooKoo

When we started with KooKoo, it was just a cloud telephony platform. It solved a specific need of allowing developers access to the telephony stack to build telephony apps using web programming languages. But as it matured, we knew that just voice would not be sufficient.
We already integrated with email and social media for specific customers based on their requirements. But it was not at a platform level.
So when Facebook launched their API we knew it was a perfect fit for KooKoo. We went ahead and integrated FB messenger API in KooKoo. Since Telegram, Slack and others also have well defined bot APIs, it was easy to integrate those also. Though we completed the integration in a couple of days, the FB review process took forever and finally they accepted our bot :)
So today we announce an early release version of our KooKoo chat bot API. Using simple XML tags you can now build your chat bots on KooKoo. All the 10,000+ developers on our KooKoo platform now have access to the bot API.
If you have already built a KooKoo app, building a Facebook bot is as easy as just replacing the <playtext> tags with <chat-reply> tags.

Sign up for an early release here,
You can play with our Ozonetel bot here

The main advantages you get by using our KooKoo platform is a single platform to manage all your communication needs. No need to learn new bot APIs everytime they release. KooKoo provides the abstraction. KooKoo will also take care of basic NLP processing for you. You can also integrate phone calling support with your bot API to provide a true multi channel experience to your users.