Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Customer Centric Communication: HealthCare Sector

The Healthcare industry in India, is one of the largest sector – both in terms of revenue and employment, its expected growth rate  is also phenomenal CAGR of 17% (Source: IMA).
But in terms of infrastructure, we are below when compared to other large countries. The U.S. has one bed for every 350 patients while the ratio for Japan is 1 for 85. Even the usage, IT in hospitals, we are far behind, According to Deloitte 2015 health care outlook, Indian Hospitals have to increase their IT spend considerably to provide improved and patient-centric service.
From Service prospective, one technology that can considerably enhance service quality is cloud telephony and cloud call center solution. This technology can fill many of the service loop holes. Let’s see the solution in detail.

  1. IVR based greeting, call routing: Currently even the reputed hospitals, customer care is not having IVR, everything is dependent on one line. With limited line capacity, many consumers wait for hours or often compelled to leave the call after frustration.  
With proposed solution, all incoming calls would be first greeted with a welcome message followed by an automated IVR system Customers can follow the extensions in the IVR to instantly connect with the concern department. Even in the off hours the customers would hear the IVR and option be given to drop a voice message, all the customer message would be recorded in a centralized database.

  1. Automated Patient Appointment: Taking doctor’s appointment can become hassle free if it’s automated. The doctor’s appointment process can be integrated with the IVR. The consumers just have to press button to take doctor’s appointment. By this process, patients can request for appointment, even when there is no one to take the call.

  1. Emergence service number: In India, on an average 15 people die in an hour (source: Ministry of Road and Transport) due to accident. The prompt emergence service would definitely improve this number. The cloud telephony solution, proposes an exclusive emergency number, to make the emergency service very fast. The number could be connected with all the emergency department like ambulance service, blood bank, OPT etc.

  1. Customer Service: All Customer service like alert to customers for a scheduled appointment, next proposed visit remainder, report remainder are dependent on the mercy of customer care executives. These services can be improved, with a Centralized Outbound call center, equipped with  progressive dialer, with this solution all the customers will get information on time, the quality of  service could easily be standardized.

  1. Marketing: The marketing of new event like Blood donation camp, promotion of new service or offering, could become more effective with a Centralized Outbound call center, with a progressive dialer, promotional campaign can be run via call, SMS, email, voice-SMS.

  1. Direct contact with doctor: To make the service customer friendly, few hospitals also provide a doctor’s number to the patients. As sharing of doctor’s personal number is not advisable, with cloud telephony hospitals can mask the doctor’s number, could provide a virtual number to the patients.

  1. Personalized customer service: Many patients hesitate in discussing their problem with a new person. With “sticky agent” feature in cloud call center solution, the same agent is always connected to the customer. As the agent has previously interacted with the same customer, he has good knowledge about the customer’s health issue and customers can freely discuss his issue with the agent.

  1. Centralized IP PBX: The traditional PBX service is very costly and hard to maintain. In cloud telephony we can easily setup IP PBX for internal calling inside the hospitals. As it is a cloud based solution, it is very easy to install and maintain.

Apart from above mentioned solution, the ozonetel cloud call center provides many reports and dashboard, which will help in help organization in business decision and standardizing the customer service.
Cloud Telephony is very flexible solution, it can be customized to fit the organization need. The solution mentioned above is just one way to streamline the communication process of a hospital.
The current telecommunication technology, marketing process and customer service used in hospitals is very primitive and lot of improvement is possible which will standardize customer service, improve customer experience and finally increase the revenue.
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Ozonetel is currently serving 1000+ customers across 20+ verticals. Ozonetel is  serving few hospitals across India.

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