Thursday, November 5, 2015

Accelerate Inbound Leads

Every business, whether it’s B2B, B2C, C2B or C2B need “leads” for existence, it’s like oxygen for the business world. In bookish language “a lead is a prospect customer, whose contact information you are having”.  Lead is also a first step towards sales.

Outbound marketing (television ads, Print Ads, Cold calls, sponsorship etc.) was preferred method of lead generation for years. With digitization and widespread usage of internet the inbound marketing technique has taken the front seat, it’s a most preferred way of lead generation. Inbound marketing is very cost effective, measurable and gives better RoI. The simple inbound marketing techniques are SEO, publishing blogs, articles, white paper, Paid search marketing, social media marketing etc. People also call it by different name “digital marketing” ”web marketing” ”online marketing”.

All the inbound marketing technique, mentioned above just helps to bring traffic to the landing page or home page. But the visitors would not convert to lead unless the website has right content and tools.

The best analogy, to understand the importance of tools and lead for a website visitors can be   the traditional sales that happen in shops. In traditional shops all the marketing effort could bring customers to the shop, but that doesn’t ensure conversion, even if the customer is willing. The shop owner should have all the tools that will ease the process of conversion like payment receipt book, electronic machine to accept credit card & debit, a free salesman who can showcase the product. If a shop-owner have all these three tools, the probability of conversion increases appreciably.

Similarly, the website should have all the necessary tools that ease the process of conversion. Two tools that a landing page should have for better lead generation, that are accepted by industry are CLICK2CALL & Live Chat on the website.

Click2call:  Click2Call is an easiest way to connect with the website visitors. In this the visitors have to just enter his number and then click on a button and visitors immediately gets a call from the company. By this method companies can immediately connect personally with the prospect customer.
This solution is very effective in highly competitive environment, where the solution is customizable or company have to give a brief out the product or service for conversion. The sectors which are early adopters of this solution are insurance, Hotel & tourism, ecommerce.

According to Google Research “70% of mobile searchers have used click to call to connect with a business.

Live Chat Software: It is solution that instantly connects the customer with the support/sales representative, it is the best way to connect with visitors and solve queries of existing customers. In multichannel communication, it is a very effective tool.

This solution is very effective in service oriented industry, where company is highly dependent on website for leads. The sectors which are early adopters of this solution are ecommerce, B2C logistics.

According to research paper called “Making Proactive Chat Work” published by Forrester Research: “Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

An online chat system is best way to solve customer query, the recent report by ATG Global Consumer Trend study proved that the nearly 90% of customers consider live chat as very helpful.

Today, many companies are providing these solutions, but few things we need to take care while integrating this solution to our website.
  1. The solution should be highly secure and should not affect the website functionality
  2. It should be responsive and mobile friendly
  3. You should have dedicated team to handle this solution, the essence of the solution will be lost if you call/chat after delay
  4. It should have real time analytics and dashboard , to measure the RoI and effectiveness of the tool
  5. If used for support/service, it should be integrated with you other channel of communication i.e. call, email etc.
                                                                                                  Written By,
                                                                                                  Abhay Kumar
                                                                                                  Ozonetel Systems Private Ltd
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