Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 tips improve agent efficiency in your call center

Agents are the costliest resource in a call center. So make sure they are efficient and are provided with the right tools. Here are 5 tips to improve your agent efficiency:
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1. Well designed IVR: A properly designed IVR frees up an agent for more important tasks by taking care of the most common requests/complaints. You can read more about Importance of an IVR flow in a call center.

2. CRM integration: Your call center software should integrate with your CRM and provide the right contextual information to the agent so that he/she does not spend time in trying to search for the customer information after the call lands.

3. Click to call: This allows an agent to connect to a customer directly from the CRM screen, saving time.

4. Dialers: These are a must if your call center is running a sales process. Feed the dialers with a list of numbers and let the dialer figure out the optimal agent assignment. You can use preview, progressive or predictive  dialer depending on your use case.

5. Shortcuts: Remember, your agents are your power users. So give them the power tools. Your call center software should have well defined shortcuts for the most common tasks. Call transfer, hold, customer info pop etc should all be just a key press away.

Remember, when it comes to agent time in a call center, every minute counts.

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