Sunday, February 1, 2015

A proper call center flow

Website visitors are the first class citizens when it comes to customer service. UI/UX experts spend countless hours on optimizing the web design. Every pixel counts. A/B testing is done. The funnel is optimized to help the visitor find what he wants instantly.

Its not the same case when it comes to customers who call. They are played a welcome message and put in a queue :)

It need not be so. Both are customers who have the same green money. Both should have equal importance and that is understood by the best companies.

The other day my geyser malfunctioned and I called up the AO smith customer care. I was pleasently surprised by the experience. A call flow need not be complicated. It just needs to do the right thing.

1. Recognize the caller. The AO smith engineer greeted me by name and asked the problem. He verified my address and confirmed the ticket.

2. Give feedback. Immediately after the call, I received an SMS with ticket ID and phone number of the person going to attend the problem.

3. Follow up. I got regular calls from the engineer updating me where he was and when he will be reaching my house

4. Closure.  Once the problem was resolved I got information about the ticket closure and feedback SMS.

One extra thing which could have been done was to automatically identify if the caller had a ticket and give info about the ticket.

There really is no need to treat your callers as second class customers, especially when you can use the same web development tools to develop your call flows using platform like KooKoo and solutions like Cloudagent