Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ozonetel Powers Hindustan Unilever's mobile radio KKT at Cannes

Kan Khajura Teshan from Hindustan Unilever (HUL) to the Hindi speaking belt is run on Ozonetel's Cloud Communications Platform. Kan Khajura Teshan (KKT) is a mobile radio playing 18 minutes of entertainment content in Hindi. The content has jokes and bollywood songs, which is moderated by a radio jockey. The content is refreshed every Monday of the week. KKT Mobile radio has its reach even in media dark areas where there is no FM radio or television. KKT has 15 million subscribers and is getting a million unique visitors logging on, on a daily basis. KKT resides on Ozonetel's telco grade multi-channel Cloud communications platform, which is the technology partner. The success of running KKT seamlessly has got HUL to bag three awards at Cannes this year (2014).
How does Kan Khajura Teshan work: A listener calls on 1800-30-0000-123, the call drop being a missed call, where the caller's number gets registered on Ozonetel, which then calls back the listener playing the 18 minutes entertainment content. The 18 minutes can be used at one time or multiple times over the week. Ozonetel's platform is intelligent enough to recognize the caller and plays the content from where it was dropped earlier on.
Ozonetel Impact - Ozonetel is a communications platform on the cloud which means that HUL KKT had to make no capital investment to maintain, manage, upgrade any technology - this lead to 40% reduction in operation cost and 15% increase in brands awareness among the target audience. The teams sitting in the HUL corporate office have access to an easy-to-use dashboard giving them live feed and a customizable analytical report, which further helps in planning.
KKT was also the proud winner of the Golden Lion at the Cannes festival. http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-06-18/news/50678922_1_lowe-lintas-hindustan-unilever-north-india.