Thursday, January 3, 2013

KooKoo IVR goes multi lingual. Supports language packs for 10 Indian languages

While building an IVR, you can convey information to your customers either by playing an audio(<playaudio>) or converting text to speech(<playtext>).

Playtext can be used for dynamic content and playaudio is used for static content. KooKoo supports text to speech in only Indian English as TTS in other languages are not yet of high quality.

So to support Indian languages at least in a limited domain, we are releasing a new tag <say-as> which provides the language packs for 10 Indian languages. Using this you can now play dates, numbers, currencies in 10 Indian languages. The tag is intelligent enough to play the text in a grammatically correct fashion depending on the language.

Combining say-as tag with playaudio tag you can create IVR system which sound very professional instead of the robotic TTS voice. You will still need to use the playtext tag to play TTS for dynamic text like names, addresses etc.