Monday, November 29, 2010

Hacker meet in Hyderabad

Sorry for the off topic post as this has nothing to do with cloud telephony.

Last Saturday 7 hackers decided to get together for a meetup. Nothing special, just to get introduced to new people. This is how it turned out:

Surprisingly, the meeting got started at the specified time :). Everybody got together by 4:15 pm at Shabdha's office Agiliq. Since the office was located centrally no one had any major trouble in finding the office.

As the office was in an apartment, it had a nice homely feel to it. A real nice place for an informal meetup.

Initially discussion centered on iPhone development and how much harder it is when compared to Android development. I guess the general consensus was that Steve Jobs is a prick, but a wealthy prick :)

We later on moved to introductions. Sunil explained a little bit about BSD and how it could be better than Linux.

I then explained about KooKoo, the product I am working on. Got some very interesting feedback from the participants.

Sitakanta then explained about They also got valuable feedback on different hosting options as well as suggestions on how to improve their algorithm and how to cut down costs.

Finally Shabdha told a little bit how they were trying to solve the recruitment problem.

All in all, it was a very good meet and I got to meet some cool guys. It was also decided to make this a monthly event (4th Saturday of every month). Hope to meet some new guys in the next meet.